The Architecture of Tomorrow art and cultural journal began in 2010 as an expression of Douglas Turner’s love for art, culture, and creativity. Stemming from his studies in Social and Cultural Theory at the New School for Public Engagement, Douglas has always sought to bring a greater perspective when creating context. The name, The Architecture of Tomorrow, comes from a manifesto that Mr. Turner is composing. It says, a sentiment many of us presently experience—that we have to be an active participant in creating a society as we imagine. The journal seeks to side-step the PR machine and head straight for a confident and well-informed opinion, presenting artists and ideas with thoughtful reportage in the form of feature writing, interviews, and studio visits. As of 2015, the journal is press accredited with most major museums in New York City.

AOT Project Salon’s gallery, founded in January of 2015, is an emerging force in giving new, committed and alternative voices a nurturing venue in which to offer the public an opportunity to experience ongoing programming, including curated exhibitions, panel discussions, readings, a podcast, and community events. 

Following suit with the organizational mission, the gallery will present the works of contemporary artists challenging perceived norms and issues of social and cultural justice.  We will also conduct offsite curatorial projects.

AOT Inc. and AOT Project Salon are located at “The Wedge House”—a small single-family two-story townhouse in Williamsburg Brooklyn, and the home of AOT Founder, Douglas Turner. The house is a unique property with a fantastic location on a mixed-use block. We are a two-minute walk to the Lorimer/Metropolitan subways station that services the L and G Trains. We are a five-minute car ride from the Williamsburg Bridge. Including a basement, the property is a 750 square foot, three-floor building. The floor plan is open with no dividing walls or doorways. The second floor is our gallery space.

The Equal Education Initiative is our education program and was launched in the summer of 2015, with the network support of Senator Jesse E. Hamilton (District 20). T.E.E.I. is designed to spark the imagination, instill confidence and build critical thinking skills. The program was fully funded by Community Solutions and The Brownsville Project. In 2016, we hope to secure funding to expand the program.

AOT is about strengthening individuals and building community through art. By sustaining a physical hub, it allows easier entry points for individuals seeking to benefit from our services, whether that be an artist, supporter of the arts, or teen benefitting from our art education program.


If you are reading this it is most likely that you have learned about our plans to grow The Architecture of Tomorrow into a membership-based organization. In one year we have accomplished much and these accomplishments happened in a collective environment. We hope that with more voices will come more accomplishments.

In addition to expanding both programming for artists, public (including exhibitions) and our education program, here is an evolving list of 2016 goals:

  • Obtain 501(c)(3) status
    • Get Grants!
  • Launch our Podcast
  • Hold our first off-site exhibition
  • AOT Project Shop (Online store for fine art, prints, etc)