Crowdfund and Membership CAMPAIGN LAUNCH PARTY on MLK Day!

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Architecture of Tomorrow Campaign Launch Party

Pangea Restaurant 178 Second Ave., East Village

Monday, January 18th 7-10p

This is going to be an amazing evening for everyone! The Architecture of Tomorrow is set to become a membership driven initiative and I couldn’t be more excited about this.

On Martin Luther King, Jr Day we will launch our campaign at Pangea Restaurant, 178 Second Ave in the East Village! Stephen and Arnoldo have generously offered to sponsor the event and I couldn’t be more touched by this act. They are my family.

Celebrate this already auspicious day with food, wine, and fantastic musical guests Carol Lipnik and Matt Kanelos! We’ll premiere our crowdfunding promotional video!! A selection from the AOT Collection and past exhibiting AOT artists will be on view. And of course, we will pay tribute to one of the finest fighters for equality, Martin Luther King Jr

AOT Project Salon Exhibitions Dinner Salon Art Talks Douglas TurnerMany of you have come to the salon in Williamsburg to view our art exhibitions, poetry evenings, or one-night art events, and I thank you for your support!  And did you know that AOT Project Salon is also the source of The Equal Education Initiative our art-based program for children in Central Brooklyn? Our program was recently given the distinction of “ChangeMaker”, by the Brownsville NYCHA Community!

Carol Lipnik AOT Project Salon Pangea The Architecture of Tomorrow Douglas Turner

“What separates Ms. Lipnik from every other conjurer of the otherworldly is her phenomenal voice. With a four-octave range, impeccable pitch and several distinct personalities within that voice, Ms. Lipnik evoked singers as disparate as Diamanda Galás, Maude Maggart, Yma Sumac and the yodeling Joni Mitchell. Her instrument is, in a word, phenomenal.” Stephen Holden, New York Times 2015

And of course, where it all began— the Art and Culture Journal The Architecture of Tomorrow, which will be accepting submissions this year!

Going forward, we want to increase the number of classes we serve, as well as become a hub of resources for artists. We want to support artists who understand the reward and clarity of perspective that comes when you serve your community. And by community, we think macro, outside of our circles and outwardly to the boroughs we call home. If you support us with a donation or become a member this is what you are becoming a part of. We are about positive community ACTION!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE… As many of you know, I have called Pangea my home in a working and social capacity for the past 11 Years!!! Tough decisions had to be made, and so my final day there happened earlier this month. So the event is equally a farewell party. I want people to see the next leg of my journey, which is the growth of AOT!

We’ve created a crowdfunding campaign using the PATREON platform, which enables us to take reoccurring monthly donations or one-time donations.

We thank PANGEA for sponsoring our Launch Party!

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Pangea is long known for its vital support of local theaters, dance companies, and non-profit organizations.  This partnership of good will has been one of the many reasons Pangea is consistently mentioned as the “restaurant of choice” to their audiences.