Exhibition: Fred Duignan Dancing in the Square

AOT Project Salon Fred Duignan Dancing in the Square



SATURDAY, 24 OCTOBER 2015 | 6 – 9 PM

AOT Project Salon is pleased to announce our next exhibition with painter Fred Duignan

Don't Look Now Helen...but

Fred is a very compassionate human being who considers the ebb and flow of life on a Universal level. This level of care and compassion is evident in his latest body of work that courageously engages with conflict. One can say that the nature of existence and evolution is the resultant upheaval of friction and for Fred that contrast is found in Art’s sisters, “primal intuitive intelligence” and “formulaic thinking”, to use Duignan’s words. His canvases reveal a struggle for power — the 36 x 36 Inch square creates a geometric cell, and the intuitively poured painting brings greater dimensionality where before only a flat lifeless surface existed. The sisters engage in a turbulent Terpsichore, yet a triumphant is absent in the series “Dancing in the Square.” I hope that you will join us for Fred’s reception. — Douglas

Aim for the Head: Fred Duignan Warns that Formalism is the Status Quo

“Out of the head, back into the heart,” asserts Fred Duignan. His new series Dancing in the Square takes a jab at art and the art world. Taking his cue from Walter Robinson’s coined phrase Zombie Formalism, Duignan’s new work addresses the tendency in today’s art world to minimize primal intuitive intelligence and reward formulaic thinking. He believes that art that adheres to a mechanically produced aesthetic is being fostered by the status quo. He sees far-reaching implications for this kind of conformity and its role in compromising the power of Art and reducing creativity to decorative pursuits while avoiding issues key to humanity’s survival such as poverty and environmentalism.

“Abstraction is the greatest artistic innovation since the discovery of linear perspective,” says Duignan. “However, the belief in an ordered and absolute truth is dismissed with each individual’s daily human experiences and the lessons of history.”  In Dancing in the Square, he utilizes geometric abstractions and paint pouring to create sensuous works of art. They balance known geometric elements with unrestrained color and movement. The flow and vibrancy of these paintings’ color and form depict the beauty, violence and hope in the natural world.

Duignan has a long career as a painter and past curator for contemporary art at the Paterson Museum, former art critic for Cover Magazine and wrote a monthly column for The New Jersey Herald and News.

Fred Duignan Dancing in the Square Exhibition Catalog