Current Exhibition

AOT Project Salon, Art Opening, Exhibition, Douglas Turner, DJ Tikka Masala, Meryl Feigenberg, "M"OUR ELEMENTS | DJ TIKKA MASALA|MERYL FEIGENBERG|M

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 21 5-9p



AOT Project Salon, Debra Bermingham, Art Opening, Painter, Art Exhibition, Douglas Turner, Architecture of Tomorrow, AOT ProjectDEBRA BERMINGHAM | NEW WORKS

Thursday, April 27—August  On view by appt

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 27 5-7p

rosemary taylor, aot project, douglas turner, BPS one night only art seriesROSEMARY TAYLOR | NEW WORKS

Friday, December 9 – January 20, 2017 On view by appt

Opening Reception: Friday, December 9 6-9pm


Past Exhibitions


AOT Project Salon - Art Opening Water Down A Drain Theo Coulombe Douglas TurnerTHEO COULOMBE | Water Down A Drain

Friday, September 16 — on view by appointment

Opening Reception: Friday, 16 September | 6-9 pm

PlaygroundFRED DUIGNAN | Dancing in the Square

Saturday, October 24 — 21 November 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, 24 October | 6-9 pm

VICTOR G. JEFFREYS butt FACE AOT Project Salon Douglas Turner Gawker MediaVICTOR G. JEFFREYS II | buttFACE

Thursday, 1 October — 22 October 2015

Opening Reception: Thursday, 1 October | 6-9 pm

Gallery Talk: Like Clockwork Exhibition—Exploring the Underbelly of Law Enforcement -Corinne Innis Origin of RapeCORINNE INNIS AND XAVIER BASABE | Like Clockwork

Tuesday, 8 September — 28 September 2015

Opening Reception: Tuesday, 8 September | 6-9 pm

AOT Project Salon Summer Exhibition CookloutGROUP SHOW | Summer Exhibition

Opening Reception: Father’s Day June 21st

Join us for our 1st Father’s Day Cookout Reception

AOTps +AIR Spring Benefit Douglas Turner AOT Walter RobinsonGROUP SHOW | Spring Benefit Exhibition

Spring Benefit Wednesday, April 22 8pm

AOTps +AIR Spring Benefit Douglas Turner AOT Ian James CarrIAN JAMES CARR | Select Drawings

January 16, 2015 6-9PM

On view through February 25th