Our Elements

AOT Project Salon, Art Opening, Exhibition, Douglas Turner, DJ Tikka Masala, Meryl Feigenberg, "M"

a collaborative consideration of locally generated feminist art created over the past two years

DJ Tikka Masala | Meryl Feigenberg | M


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2017 | 6-9P


borders and belonging through spatial interventions


home to accommodate multitudes

What is home? Who belongs here? How is the space created? How do we take care of ourselves and each other at home? How does the idea of home fall apart and become reconstructed through community practice? What is the role of individual and collective ritual in the process of evolving the purpose of a home? How do we observe our own lives and the lives of others in the context of home?

Our Elements is a collaborative consideration by three individuals whose work interacts with the political, social, and cultural conditions of gender, sexuality, economics, and politics and exploring ideas of bodies, time, emotional labor, place, and the interplay between identity and medium. This project aims to think about what it means to be an individual, in a collective, and find a safe-space to process the political trauma that is wreaking havoc on intersectional bodies. This means women, queers, immigrants, people of color, folks with different ability statuses, among other factors under current political, economic, and cultural conditions. Each of these three artists employs different tools including sculpture, spatial intervention, illustration, video, audio, text, performance and social-media to explore such ideas and how it relates to them.

We, the artists, experience the project as a re-interpretation of home, to create a sense of purposeful community engagement. We seek to embrace the space. We question our ideas of home and the systems in which we live. We desire to deconstruct these ideas in order to reconstruct anew with each other, together.

AOT Project Salon, Art Opening, Exhibition, Douglas Turner, DJ Tikka Masala, Meryl Feigenberg, "M"