Photography Exhibition: Theo Coulombe WATER DOWN A DRAIN

AOT Project Salon - Art Opening Water Down A Drain Theo Coulombe Douglas Turner



FRIDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2016 | 6 – 9 PM

I am honestly thrilled to open AOT Project’s 2016 programming with a photography installation by Theo Coulombe. Theo is a well-informed character; in conversation with Theo you would never find yourself for want of meaningful dialogue. So too can be said of this exhibition of images, lightboxes, and uneasy looping projections. We live, we make art in nail-biting times, that is for sure. I suppose it is times like the times we live in today that leave us eagerly desirous. Displacement, inequality, and turmoil on their own carry significant weight to bear, and compound the chores and sorrows of being human. I’ve watched Theo battle it out with a neglectful New York over the last few years, and I see him as victorious in his personhood. This show, in my mind, is meant to celebrate one of New York’s precious working artists. And for Theo, in this new chapter. Douglas

A Photoscape of Personal Anxiety

Un-Exact | Un-Scientific | Totally True

Time: emptied office of one photographic hero, gone before we could talk a second time

Pain: razors nick to a familiar cyst only I knew about, it will happen again

Vision: Rain drop patterns of dirt on jail windows I could not clean

Past: Historically aggressive objects shared with an ancient friend I regretfully never see

Waiting: Sitting and fidgeting with inner chaos my chair squeaking loose dry joints


Theo Coulombe

AOT Project Salon - Art Opening Water Down A Drain Theo Coulombe Douglas Turner