Rosemary Taylor: New Works Opening Reception friday, december 9, 6-9p

rosemary taylor, aot project, douglas turner, BPS one night only art series

AOT Project is pleased to announce our next exhibition, in collaboration with One Night Only Art, the new works of painter Rosemary Taylor.

Onward post-election nightmare and there are many voices on the right side of history demanding to be heard. Rosemary Taylor’s is one of them.

Evident in the work of Rosemary Taylor is a reactionary formulation of blunt strokes, “fierce gestural marks”, and a continuum from painting to painting, representative of a cultural clash of ideologies, venomous gaslighting, and what this all gives birth to. For Rosemary, I could guess of this reaction to be shaped by her female experience and working class background. The voice of her work, the spawn of dialogical metaphors and exactitudes, is a forceful affront to our ceremonial sensory of acceptance and its vulnerability of, to use a current turn of phrase, normalizing; an unapologetic declaration of emotion and cultural deluge—to consume, process, and react where even uncertainty is stated with a bold brush stroke. — Douglas Turner, AOT Project

I think of Rosemary Taylor’s work in terms of responding to her personal environment with the strongest roots in her Boston working class background, a pride and conflict that feeds the chaos of paint and brush strokes, sprays and dry rubs, splashes and scratched words. Stresses of everyday struggle expressed in creativity that’s both violent and spent.— Theo Coulombe, ONOA

rosemary taylor, aot project, douglas turner, BPS one night only art series