VIDEO: Corinne Innis—In Her New Series of Paintings Clockwork Orange Deviant, Alex, Becomes the Police Officer

Corinne Innis Basabe asked me to speak about her work. The exhibition LIKE CLOCKWORK is on view through September 28th by appointment and open house. I find her work to be visually stunning. She’s taking on a very hot topic: Police Brutality.

The exposé fueled by access to technology and digital platforms such as facebook has many of us enraged and questioning. Corinne’s paintings, however, lack anger from the perspective of the artist and are beautiful expressions, influenced by her West Indian heritage, of what she/we are seeing across our screens. Yet her perspective sees an extreme abuse of power, and she must convey the resultant violence; an aggression that for she, is of an apparent sexualized nature. A male Police Officer dominates a teenaged bikini clad girl in McKinney, Texas. Another threatens a woman named Sandra Bland with an “I’ll light you up!” She sees depravity, for which in many of her paintings “Alex” (Clockwork Orange) represents.